Welcome to Studio Fotos - Stockholm. 


I am Andy Foster, professional headshot photographer and owner at Studio Fotos - Stockholm, a father of a 2yr old boy, and a Stockholmer since 2011, having left England way back in 2007 to originally start a new life in Spain.

Andy FosterAndy FosterIt was there that I met my partner Jenny and reason for me bringing my headshot photography business to the wonderful city of Stockholm following on from Liverpool and Malaga

Having started off in a small studio in Södermalm in 2011, I recently located to a much larger studio in Vasastan, with even better facilities.

At Studio Fotos, it is about professional studio headshot photography that gets results, with that result being that job or acting role you search for.

The headshot is the most important selling point to any prospective casting agency, TV company, or future employer

Your CV details your experience, but your headshot is your personality. 

Personality is something only a few photographers manage to capture, at Studio Fotos - Stockholm, we specialise in it. You will walk away with some of the best headshot photographs you have ever had taken.